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Michael Drake

President @ JM Drake Enterprises


The Bliss Journey

June 17, 2020 (On-demand)

Michael is a recognized authority in leadership and personal development. Through keynote speaking, digital media and workshops, Michael guides people and organizations on a journey of self-re-discovery to enhance their lives for greater impact and purpose.


A CEO from age 30, Michael’s three decades in business have included acting as a crisis manager, a turnaround specialist in banking and finance, and a company founder, pioneer, and industry maven in technology services. 


Having discovered a unique process for transformation, Michael models through intention, connection, discipline, and transparency the way to “Bliss,” which is the state of supreme contentment and utter joy in any circumstance—including your present one. Michael wants to help others realize that they are already the hero of their own story, right here and right now. 

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