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Adam Hartung

CEO and Managing Partner @ Spark Partners


Why Core Competency Isn't Enough

June 17,2020 at 2:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

Winning requires adapting. We live in a world full of innovation – some of which is incredibly disruptive. To thrive requires either being an innovator, or adapting to innovations. Those who fail to adapt risk ending up like Kodak, Hostess and Circuit City, who were once market leaders but eventually bankruptcies. They lost relevancy because they were unable to adapt.

Excelling at what you want to do doesn’t assure business success. Excellent execution today is “table stakes.” To win you have to grow, and to grow you must figure out how to remain relevant with modern trends. Even though your value proposition may be vital, new technologies and business models can make your delivery system – your historical success formula – as obsolete as smart phones made Polaroids. But even when you’re willing to change, how do you decide what to do next?

Winning requires thinking, and acting, outside the box. Adam Hartung’s 20-year track record as a leader in innovation management, developing and implementing strategies to take advantage of emerging trends, has shown companies around the globe how to unleash business growth through innovation.


As new competitors and market shifting trends threaten everyone’s core business, Adam can show you how to avoid be whipped by externalities and instead be an industry leader giving customers what they really need, – often well beyond what they might ask for.

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